Memories and a scent


I’d give anything to go back to the 28th of December and tell you not to go on that journey. I guess waking up everyday and pretending to be happy is all you’ve left your baby sister with. Your teasing, your laughter, your scolding, your love. And all you ever asked was that i make you pancakes and try to leave my clothes that you’d scatter, in a mess for a whole day to prove that I didn’t have OCD.

On the 25th of December, you sat on my bed, we ate, you took movies and we made plans for the 31st. i didn’t even see you off because hey, we never say goodbye, and I was supposed to stop over at the house the day after but I didn’t. Now you’ve gone and left a void inside me. The universe sure deals us shockers.

I miss you.


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